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07.11.25 Entering the Kingdom

We celebrate Christ the King Sunday by wrapping up our series on being a missional church.

John 1:43-51.

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07.11.18- The Journey Called Conversation

John 3:1-9 and Acts 17:16-34 provide a model for embracing the culture we are in and using it to share the gospel. This week Dean talks about how our culture acknowledges spirituality, but is hesitant about organized religion.

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07.11.11 - Relationships: Loving God and Loving People

Today our intern from the Canadian Lutheran Bible Institute, Jeff Rogness, delivers the next message in the series of the missional church.

Today we look at God's call to love God and love people.

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07.11.04- Us and Them

Matthew 9:913- Asking God to change our perspectives on those outside of the church.