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07.04.29 - Jesus the Good Shepherd

John 10:22-30 People may not like the reference to being referred to being sheep, but that may be the perfect fit for us. The question is who is your shepherd?

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07.04.15 - The Triangle Part 3 - OUT

Jesus models for us a life of balanced relationships

UP - An intimate relationship with God
IN - Friendship within the body of Christ
OUT - Reaching out to those who are outside the Kingdom of God

Today we focused on the call to reach out in a time when "church" doesn't show up on people's radar.

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07.04.08 I'm alive because He's alive

Easter 2007

"Why are you looking for the living among the dead?"

These words from the angels to the first witnesses of the empty tomb changed their lives. What words would the angels have for us today?

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04.01.07 - The Passion of the Church

Hear God's voice to the Canadian Church from Mexico!

Pastor Guadalupe Calderon from Mazatlan speaks to Rez today. Guadalupe and his wife Emilia are on a speaking tour with the World Mission Prayer League. (

Enjoy hear him speak on the Palm Sunday text of Mark 11:1-11

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